Cannot create Eclipse remote Java debug configuration for imported Gradle project

After importing an existing Gradle project into Eclipse Mars using the version 1.0.2 of the Buildship plugin, I am trying to create a Remote Java Application debug configuration. On the Connect tab, the Project field must point to a project that exists in my workspace. When I click Browse… next to the project name, the imported Gradle project is not listed. This prevents me from being able to create a debug configuration for my project. Here are the steps I am using to attempt to create this debug configuration:

  1. Select Run -> Debug Configurations… from the menu bar
  2. Select Remote Java Application
  3. Click on the New button
  4. Next to the Project: field, click on Browse. Notice that the imported Gradle project is not listed.

Thanks. We will look into it, but it will take a week or so before we get to that since we are currently preparing for the Mars 1 release. Thanks for your patience.

One question though: does the project that you mention have the Java nature set?

The imported project was not in Eclipse facet form. Opening properties on the project allowed me to change this. After doing this and after adding the Java facet, the project now shows up when I click on Browse as described in my steps above. So, it appears that the fix might be applying the Java facet to an imported Gradle project if build.gradle is building a Java project.

Currently, when importing a Gradle project via Buildship, the way we currently decide whether a given project is a Java project is by checking for the existence of one or more source folders.

We have plans to answer this isJavaProject() question in a deeper way.