I want to use Gradle 1.12, but it asks me to use 1.10 o_O

(Xi Shen) #1

I want to Gradle 1.12. I updated my “gradle-wrapper.properties” like follow:






Then I ran “gradlew --info”, after the Gradle 1.12. is donwloaded, I got the following error while building:

./gradlew --info

Starting Build

Settings evaluated using settings file ‘C:\Users\shend\IdeaProjects\MyApplication2\settings.gradle’.

Projects loaded. Root project using build file ‘C:\Users\shend\IdeaProjects\MyApplication2\build.gradle’.

Included projects: [root project ‘MyApplication2’, project ‘:app’]

Evaluating root project ‘MyApplication2’ using build file ‘C:\Users\shend\IdeaProjects\MyApplication2\build.gradle’.

Compiling build file ‘C:\Users\shend\IdeaProjects\MyApplication2\build.gradle’ using StatementExtractingScriptTransformer.

Compiling build file ‘C:\Users\shend\IdeaProjects\MyApplication2\build.gradle’ using BuildScriptTransformer.

Evaluating project ‘:app’ using build file ‘C:\Users\shend\IdeaProjects\MyApplication2\app\build.gradle’.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • Where:

Build file ‘C:\Users\shend\IdeaProjects\MyApplication2\app\build.gradle’ line: 14

  • What went wrong:

A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:app’.

Gradle version 1.10 is required. Current version is 1.12. If using the gradle wrapper, try editing the distributionUrl in C:\Users\shend\IdeaProjects\MyApplication2\gradle\wrapper\gradle-wrapper.properties to gradle-1.10-all.zip

  • Try:

Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --debug option to get more log output.


My build.gradle file looks like:

// Top-level build file where you can add configuration options common to all sub-projects/modules.

buildscript {

repositories {



dependencies {

classpath ‘com.android.tools.build:gradle:0.9.+’



allprojects {

repositories {




(Peter Niederwieser) #2

The Android plugin is currently bound to a particular Gradle version. So unless/until there is a newer version of the Android plugin, you’ll have to stick to 1.10.

(Xi Shen) #3


Thank you for this tip :slight_smile:

(Xi Shen) #4

errr…wait! I got the idea to use Gradle from here, which seems they can use the android plugin with Gradle 1.12. I have updated my ‘build.gradle’ as they instructed. Since the error is from Gradle, no from their plugin, I think it is apporiate to post here.

(Peter Niederwieser) #5

The error does come from the Android plugin. The build you linked to isn’t applying the Android plugin.

(Peter Niederwieser) #6

Note that they advertise to use Android plugin 0.10.1, whereas you are using 0.9.+. Perhaps 0.10.1 requires/supports Gradle 1.12.

(Radim Kubacki) #7

Correct: Android plugin 0.10 support range of Gradle versions 1.10-1.12. The older 0.9 version was tied to Gradle 1.10.