How to use Checkstyle maxAllowedViolations

I am setting up Checkstyle using Gradle in a multiproject configuration and would like to configure a maximum number of code violations.

With Maven builds and the checkstyle plugin this was possible via the user property ‘checkstyle.maxAllowedViolations’ as per the following advice.

Below is a snippet of my checkstyle block (not working):

checkstyle {
toolVersion = '7.+' “$project using Checkstyle version $toolVersion.”

copy {
    from zipTree(configurations.checkstyleConfig.singleFile)
def configFile = file("${project.buildDir}/config/checkstyle/mycompany-checkstyle.xml")
config = resources.text.fromFile(configFile) "$project using Checkstyle configuration from: ${configFile}"
def suppressionsFile = file("${project.buildDir}/config/checkstyle/mycompany-suppressions.xml") "$project using Checkstyle suppressions from: ${suppressionsFile}"
def headerFile = file("${project.buildDir}/config/checkstyle/mycompany.header") "$project using Checkstyle header from: ${headerFile}"
configProperties = [
    'checkstyle.header.file': headerFile,
    'checkstyle.suppressions.file': suppressionsFile,
    'checkstyle.maxAllowedViolations': 2316  // DOES NOT WORK
//configProperties.maxAllowedViolations = 2316


Can anyone suggest what property to set?