How do I run Checkstyle using multiple configs

Is there a way to run multiple checkstyle checks on a build? In checkstyle itself this isn’t possible ( at the moment. But it is possible in maven by specifying multiple executions.

If I have two different configs from two different sources.

  1. google_checks from the checkstlye jar
  2. my_custom_copyright checks from my code repository

There doesn’t appear to be a way to run these two without merging the xmls at runtime (in the build.gradle).

What I would like is either an easy way to generate new Checkstyle tasks (and expose whatever is populating their properties in AbstractCodeQualityPlugin#Apply

or maybe a way to specify multiple configs in the checkstyle extension

checkstyle {
  config = "config" // <-- old config
  configs = ["config1", "config2"] // <-- multi config?

Or ideally be wrong, and there is already a way to do this?