How to detect the Buildship version inside the build script?

I have just try Buildship 2.0 and it is incompatible in its behavior to 1.x. Currently I have problems to make it compatible with both major versions. Can I check the current Buildship version inside the Gradle script?

Could you please elaborate?

You can’t and shouldn’t have to. Buildship should always sync your build correctly.

Version 2.0 handle the merging of the sourceSets differently as 1.0. That the hacks for ignoring the complex instruction of the build system are failing now. We need to evaluate it a little more.

This will only work in very simple environments. IDE and build are differently things and will never sync automatically. For example in the IDE we use the debug version of the libraries. The build system use the final, signed libraries.

Ok, then we will check the behavior to detect the version of the plugin.

The build configures the IDE. You have full control over what Buildship does in the eclipse {} DSL.