How to change the default location for the compiled objects in a C project?


(Ganesh) #1

I would like to know how do I change the default location of the compiler created object files? As of now, it puts them in build/objs/path/of/project but how do I change it? Also, how do I then convey to the linker that the default location has changed? I am trying Gradle for a C project using GCC (sparc-rtems variant). And my source directory structure is not similar to the default Gradle structure.

(Daniel Lacasse) #2

Hi Ganesh,

Great question. Unfortunately, this can only be changed through internal API and it’s not trivial. Since those files are transitive files, I would suggest working with the default location. If you are looking at sharing those files, you can look into creating a static library and sharing that.

If you feel strongly about specifying a custom location for the object files, feel free to open an issue on Github with a concrete scenario and we will look into prioritizing the work.

I hope this answer your question,