Using relative paths for object files in a C project instead of absolute


I am new to this forum and also very new to Gradle.
So please be aware that some things I write may be a bunch of nonsense and I would be very thankful for being corrected then :slight_smile:.

Currently I am using Gradle as a build tool for an embedded software project, written in the native language C.
After I familiarized myself with the plugin for C projects, the compile task of my 500 source files, completed successfully.

But linking of such a set of object files (477 files), ends with an error. Reason for that is the maximum number of characters (32k) available for a command in windows environments. Due to the absolute path of all object files, which will be generated by the linkMainExecutable task, the linker command exceeds the 32k characters.
In my case the generated options.txt contains more than 60k chars because of the absolute paths of 477 object files.

Is there a way for the native language support to change the path of the object files from absolute to relative?

Thank you very much for you help.