How to change Gradle Tooling API version?

I want to change Gradle Tooling API version in a Gradle project in Netbeans. I added the line compile group: 'org.gradle', name: 'gradle-tooling-api', version: '4.4.1' to build but I still receiving this message:

Support for clients using a tooling API version older than 3.0 was deprecated and will be removed in Gradle 5.0. You are currently using tooling API version 2.13. You should upgrade your tooling API client to version 3.0 or later.

I don’t know where this gradle tooling api version 2.13 is defined, so where to define the Gradle Tooling API version?

You can’t update the tooling API for your project. The tooling API is what the Netbeans plugin uses to integrate with your Gradle build. You can only use the version that the plugin was built against.

You need to upgrade the Netbeans plugin.

The latest release still uses version 2.13 of the Gradle Tooling API. Netbeans releases at a very slow pace. There are pre-release builds that have upgraded to 4.0.1, but this requires pre-release versions of both Netbeans and the plugin.