Use Gradle API or Tooling-API from pre-release or nightly build?

I am developing multi-project build that involves both its own local gradle plugins and the gradle tooling api. One thing I do to avoid bugs is to make sure that everything is always using the same exact gradle version.

Currently, I am using 7.5.1. My gradle runtime, API for plugins, and tooling-api are all 7.5.1.

I am interested in trying out newer versions of gradle. For example, 7.6-20220930142900+0000. It’s easy for me to get these newer versions and use them from the command line. However, I cannot find any online artifacts for the api (gradle-core) or the tooling-api for newer versions of gradle and my builds fail when they cannot resolve a dependency such as




Are the gradle API and tooling API not built and published alongside all of the pre-release and nightly builds? Is there any other way to be able to try out newer versions of the API and Tooling API other than building them from source?