How can I specify a different repository to publish to for each subproject?

In a multi-project build, how can I specify a different repository to publish to for each subproject?

This is what I’m trying to do:

I have a multi-project build with 2 projects: projectA and projectB.

My settings file looks like this:

include 'projectA', 'projectB'

In the build.gradle file of my rootproject I’ve specified that the artifactory-publish plugin must be applied to all projects:

allprojects {
    apply plugin: 'maven-publish'
    apply plugin: 'artifactory-publish'

In each subproject I have an artifactory closure to configure where the deliverables of each project should be published. ProjectA and projectB have to publish to different repositories. I try to do this by setting a different value for artifactory.publish.repository.repoKey for each.

artifactory {
    publish {
        contextUrl = "${project['artifactory.url']}"
        repository {
            repoKey = repositoryForProjectA
// or repositoryForProjectB
            username = project['artifactory.username']
            password = project['artifactory.password']
            maven = true
        defaults {
            publications (

When I run “gradle build artifactoryPublish” everything gets build and published, but all deliverables and up in the same repository, the one that was specified by projectB.

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From what I remember (and I’m not completely sure about this), the ‘artifactory-publish’ plugin publishes all artifacts in one go. If you instead use ‘maven’ or ‘maven-publish’, you can definitely choose a different repository per subproject. For details on how to configure these plugins, see the Gradle User Guide.