Publishing subprojects in a multi-project build

I have a multi-project build in which I would like to publish all of my sub-projects’ artifacts individually, however, there are dependencies between the different sub-projects. I want to specify the project dependencies via Gradle and I want to avoid publishing everything to a local maven repo (as I feel is in the spirit of Gradle). Is this currently supported? If so, is there a canonical method to achieve this? I ask because I can’t have artifacts from one project being published with artifacts from another project. Everything from a dependent project needs to be specified as a dependency in the pom and only the classes related to the specific project should be published.

With no guidance, I would simply [declare the project dependencies in a provided scope] ( But then, I would have to add all top-level dependencies in the provided configuration to the published maven ‘pom.xml’.

When you publish a subproject that depends on another subproject, that subproject will be added as a dependency in the pom. It will act as if that subproject it depends on is in the repo.