How about adding a way to let users easily install gradle?

(qwerqwerqwer) #1

I resorted to a third party apt-get to install gradle, after a useless how-to page on your website, which for someone new to linux, but old to computers was a frustrating task.

I tried to run gradle in terminal on Linux Mint. It wasn’t installed, and told me to apt-get it. That didn’t work.

I downloaded the files from your site, I extracted the files, I ran your scripts and such, nothing worked. Still no gradle. What am I meant to do with 99.1MB of files? Move them to a folder where they will be recognized?

And now that I’ve extracted them, which is the second step, I’m meant to change environment variables. …What? A what now? Will that make it work? I don’t think that’s how computers function.

The only people that will be reading your installation guide are the inexperienced. If the guide doesn’t tell you every single step, it’s useless.

I’m sure my fellows with as much experience as I have could be blessed with an apt-get that actually works, or a simple, step-by-step guide. Thanks for listening

(Jean-Baptiste Nizet) #2

What is the concrete problem you got? I just re-read the install guide, and although I’m not an experienced Linux user, I don’t think I would have any difficulty following the steps and using Gradle on a Linux box.

  • download a zip file: a developer should know how to do that

  • unzip a zip file to wherever you want: a developer should know how to do that, or should at least be able to google for “unzip a zip file on Linux”

  • update the PATH environment variable: a developer should know how to do that, or should at least be able to google for “modify environment variable on Linux”

And if you’re still stuck, you can always ask a question on of

Don’t want to be rude, but the install guide of Gradle shouldn’t become a tutorial for basic Linux/Windows/MacOSX/Whatever OS commands.