Installing Gradle

Could someone please explain how to install gradle. I unzipped it into my desktop but not sure where to go from there when i click on the folder that is created.I even typed GRADLE_HOME\bin in my path but it doesn’t work.

gradle just needs to be unzipped in any folder you like. then create a GRADLE_HOME environment variable pointing to this unpacked directory. After adding GRADLE_HOME/bin to your path variable, you should be able to open a command line console and execute “gradle”. That’s all it needs.

regards, René

Because it’s too much effort to install into /usr/local/bin or another standard location?

I recommend to use the Gradle wrapper, in which case Gradle is bootstrapped automatically, and no setup is needed.

how do you create a GRADLEHOME environment variable pointing to the unpacked directory. I am sure I am not the only one who ever asked this question.

This is currently where I am

$ pwd /c/dev/gradle-1.6-bin/gradle-1.6/bin

It depends on your OS. I recommend to do a web search on how to set environment variables for your OS. Or better, use the Gradle Wrapper, which doesn’t require any of this.

In case you don’t want to use the wrapper, remember that you have to set ‘GRADLE_HOME’ and append to ‘PATH’. Strictly speaking, only the latter is necessary. But it’s a good habit to also set ‘GRADLE_HOME’, since it will make it easier to point to a different Gradle installation in the future.

Where do i get this wrapper?

To install the Gradle wrapper the very first time, a Gradle distribution is required. However, you don’t have to “install” the distribution (i.e. set environment variables) since you just need to run it a single time. For details check the “Gradle Wrapper” chapter in the Gradle User Guide.