Installing on OSX

I’m trying to install gradle on OSX 10.8. I downloaded the latest version 1.6. Unzip in /usr/local/ and added the path.

But it doesn’t work when I type gradle in terminal. I even tried to navigate to the bin folder of gradle and execute it. It just says that command not found.

If I type sudo sh gradle, then it works, but only from the bin folder. It also works if I chmod 755 -R gradle/*, but again, only from the bin folder.

What am I doing wrong? How can I make it run just by typing ‘gradle’?

You haven’t configured your PATH correctly. You need to add $GRADLE_HOME/bin, not $GRADLE_HOME.

Did that too. Stil not working.

I’m unsure. I use Mac OS 10.8 and so do many other people.

Maybe try installing via GVM as it will set this stuff up for you.