Task 'build.gradle' not found in root project 'root folder.'

Hi every one,

I am new to Gradle and trying to understand how it works. I installed Gradle 1.6 and set it up on my mac (OS X 10.8.4). When I create a gradle task in a file located at root and run the command from the command line (gradle task1), it works. However If I change the folder of file. For example, make a task in file located in my workspace. and then try the following command,

gradle build.gradle or gradle build or gradle task1

It doesn’t work. It says Task ‘build or build.gradle or task1’ not found in root project ‘folder name’.

Can some one please help me out with this issue.

Thank you in advance.

What’s the directory structure that you are referring to (“root”, “workspace”, etc.)? Which directory are you invoking Gradle from? And what exactly is the question/issue?