Gradle Tasks tab is not updated when I open a closed project in Eclipse

Gradle Tasks tab is not updated when I open a closed project. I think this is a bug, however I’m new here and I’d like to get a second opinion before submitting it as such.

Here are the steps to reproduce:

  1. Open Eclipse with multiple gradle projects already imported and open.
  2. Close one of the projects
  3. Restart Eclipse
  4. Verify the Gradle Tasks tab does NOT show tasks for the closed project
  5. Open the previously closed project.
  6. Potential Bug: the Gradle Tasks tab does not get updated to include the tasks of the recently opened project.

What you see is that the tasks view does not execute synchronization upon every workspace changes. It is intentional as some projects might take longer to configure: we don’t want to execute refreshes every time the user opens-closes a subproject. In this case you should just use the refresh action from the view’s toolbar.

That’s exactly what I was looking for. I somehow I didn’t notice or think to try to refresh button.

Clicking the yellow, curved, revolving arrows did the trick.

Thanks again.

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