Gradle Summit videos should focus on slides, not presenter

This might seem like an odd place to mention this, but Hans said to put it here.

While viewing one of the recorded presentations from this year’s Gradle Summit, “Single Page JavaScript Web Apps: A Gradle Story”, I noticed that the video editing was somewhat poor.

In particular, when viewing a recording of a technical presentation with detailed slides or screen images, almost all of the screen time should be spent on the slides or the presented images, not the presenter waving his hands. There were many periods during this recording when the presenter was referring to things on the screen, but we were still seeing the presenter, as he’s looking up at the screen and pointing. It’s hard for us to see what he’s talking about when we can’t even see it. Fortunately, the presenter did provide a link to his blog article covering this content.

Hi David

I’m the presenter in the video. Appreciate you watching and providing the feedback.  

I’ve taken a look at the video and noticed a couple of places where the focus was on myself instead of the slides. For the most part they are in sync, until much later in the video.  Around the 1 hour mark when covering Servlet container security and Grunt the video was focused on myself. The video only switched back when the slides changed. During the questions, the question about using the Google Closure compiler docs would have been useful to have on screen too. 

The blog does cover the Closure compiler but unfortunately nothing about the Servlet security and not much about Grunt.  For Grunt support I’ve heard good things about the gradle-grunt-plugin so give that a try.  The servlet security is simply about creating a web.xml for the deployed app and protecting it with a Security Contraint defined.

I’m happy to elaborate on these or any other topics related to the presentation - please let me know. 

Finally the videos are important to Gradleware so we’ll see if anything can be done about them now and pass on the feedback to improve next years ones. 

Thanks and regards