Recording of the "Gradle Roadmap Webinar" is now online

The recording of the Gradle Roadmap Webinar Hans Dockter gave last week is now available at, You can find the slides for this webinar at If you’re interested in attending a live webinar, you should take a look at (and rather bookmark), where we provide an overview of all upcoming webinars.

the download link for the video is not correct?

The mentioned links are correct. just doublechecked them with different browsers. do you get a 404 or what?

It seems to be a problem of Chrome. Clicking the link does - nothing. I pasted the link into Firefox, and, voilà, it started downloading.

Same problem here (with Chrome).

Seems that chrome does interpret the resource as document. As a temporarly workaround you can use the chrome contextmenu to save the file (right click/saveAs).

Seems that the ‘register to get access’ functionalitybis broken. Been trying to register for three days and the site keeps telling me it sent me emails with links but no emails show up. Tested from osx, iPad, ubuntu…

I’ve fixed the problem with the download link for chrome users. The register functionality isn’t broken. We’ve checked that. Maybe the email was classified as spam by your web client?

cheers, René