Live Webinar: A Gentle Introduction to Gradle

O’Reilly Gradle Book author Tim Berglund is delivering a live webinar A Gentle Introduction to Gradle on July 11. Tim is amongst many other things an excellent teacher and he is also a lot of fun to listen to. So if you know anyone who is interested in Gradle and want to learn more, you might point him to this webinar.

Most of the seats are already registered for. In any case, the webinar will be recorded.

Will this webinar be recorded? And more generally, will all Gradle produced webinars be recorded?

Yes. And more generally, yes! :slight_smile:

Wonderful. Thanks!

do you know where I can find the link to video?? thanks

The recording of this webinar will be available soon and we’ll make an announcement for that here in the forum.


Has the recording been made available yet?

The recording of this webinar is now online available at and the code snippets Tim used in this webinar are available for download at

The video doesn’t seem to be accessible at the moment. Just a blank page…

Unfortunately the webinar doesn’t seem to be available, just a blank page as @garfieldnate reported. Wonder if we can get a message at that url as to it’s availability either way (to relieve the sense of blankness and uncertainty)?

This got lost in the recent upgrade.

We’ll get it fixed soon and post back here.

Appreciate the quick response - this one’s working and looks like it would do the ‘Intro’ adequately, however would still be interested in Hans’ “Gentle” webinar if possible.

Any news? Thanks!

it’s in the works.

The link is fixed. Thanks for your patience.