Gradle should generate web module for IDEA plugin

“gradle idea” does not set up a web module for IntelliJ IDEA when using the war plugin. This means manually configuring the web module and manually adding dependencies to be included in the war. It also means that the war and IDE configuration can be different.

I think “gradle idea” should configure a web module. It should also take into account the deployment container and set that up. Would be very cool

Now that IDEA has direct Gradle support, it would be even better to add web support right there.

Meanwhile you might be able (with some effort) to hook into the Gradle IDEA plugin and make it generate a web module. In the Gradle build we make heavy use of the plugin’s extensibility, for example to set up all formatter options and version control in the IDE.

So are you saying file a Jira with Jetbrains? I haven’t tried their provided gradle integration yet. I will try soon.

what are the plans for the IDEA plugin provided by gradle? Does it go away - not needed any more?

It will stay, at least for the time being. But there is less priority adding new stuff.