Idea plugin does not update Idea artifacts in ipr file

I have a project I’m trying to convert to gradle. I can create the Idea project files with the Idea plugin, and it works fine. If I update the dependencies in the build.gradle file and rerun “gradle idea”, the module dependencies update fine.

However, if I’ve created artifacts in IDEA, like an exploded war, “gradle idea” does not update those dependencies. It’s the same issue that was reported at about a year ago. This feels like a plugin issue and not an Idea issue, so I wanted to see if anyone in Gradle land has run across this.


Steve Saliman

The Gradle IDEA plugin doesn’t handle artifacts. As integrating directly with the IDE (as already done by IDEA and Eclipse) is the future, we don’t currently plan to add new features to Gradle’s IDE plugins. The Gradle IDEA plugin is highly extensible though, so you could script this on your own. At worst you’d have to do some Groovy XML manipulation.