Gradle not compiling Android Studio projects

Hello everybody i am a newbie android developer. I use Android Studio. I always have problems with gradle. At last i need to write here with hope to solve my problem.

When i use for hours gradle compiles project but if i have a rest for example go to eat and return gradle doesnt compile project or something else. The worse problem is sometimes i have to write project from beginning again. Last time i used Android Studio and make small project all was good after i didnt open about 3 days but i didnt power off my laptop and project was open. Now again not compiling project. I read many topics some of them helped me to solve problems, but it cant continue like that forever. Please help me maybe i am doing something wrong. Here is 23 photos with different problems. I always tried to take photos. Instead of gradle-1.9-all_2 i put gradle-1_8 but inside i copied all updates from 1.9. It would be great if my problem solves. Thanks

Please i need a help

old projects are opening but now i cant create a new project it always like that

new project