Can I remove Gradle from my project an it rebuild correct dependencies?

My Question: Due to multiple Gradle issues and my inability to get multiple compounded Gradle issues resolved, could I delete or remove gradle folders and reopen the project to pull down the correct Gradle dependencies?

My Problem: I had a project on hold for a little over a year. It was my first Android/Gradle/Java project (aside from tutorials), so I’m a little new to Gradle and Android. It was running on the following, and successfully when I reopened it:

  • Intellij Idea 2020
  • Gradle 4.1.3
  • Java 1.8
  • Android 29

However, when reopening the project, it required / or recommended a number of updates. Since, I have had multiple issue with stabilizing the Gradle and it is one issue after another. Either it can’t find a version because I find the daemon folder is missing the folder version, it request another upgrade, or it is recommended to downgrade… issue after issue. Now I have so many versions from 4.5 - 7.0.2 that I can’t keep straight any of it.

What I have tried: Once I fix one issue, another then another, and another, and another… when all I was trying to do was be current based upon recommended updates. I have tried following all the Gradle warnings, updates, read dozens of StackOverflow posts on multiple issues and how to resolve, watched videos on Gradle, and after 2 weeks trying to get this to work, I need some help.

What I want to accomplish: I just want to get the project back to build-able and debug-able so I can pick up where the project left off. Now my project stands, as far as I can see, at the following configuration because of pushes to upgrade:

  • Intellij Idea 2021.1.1
  • Java 11
  • Gradle 7.0.2 (though it errors now)
  • Android 30

Is there a way, with a little coaching, to clean up the Gradle and start fresh?