Gradle + Lanterna library

Hi, I’m trying to make use of Lanterna library to build a rich console application.
I’m having an issue while trying to run it using gradle. For some reason the gradle’s cnsole oouput interferes a lot wit the library control of the terminal.
Is there a way to make gradle be really quiet and stop sending anything to the terminal?

There are two different problems, by one side there’s gradle output being printed on top of Lanterna’s output.
The second one is that (not sure if gradle or what) reports different terminal size than the correct one. In the specific case of the screenshot attached, the component with blue background should occupy the full columns/rows.

Thx in advance!

Pablo Caviglia

I am looking for the same, did you find a solution?
Also, I am not yet able to get input from running with a gradle JavaExec task.
I attempted to remedy this by adding: standardInput =
Still no luck.

Update: this seems to work on the the display side to keep out the extraneous gradle messages:
$ ./gradlew --console=plain your-task-here

I am still looking for how to process input properly.

Seems so far when i do

It does not work.

Hi @lry,
I tried to add the plain console attr to gradle but still not luck, this is what I get:
Far from perfect what I decided to do is to just create a bash script that runs the gradle install and then it runs the run-script.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
./gradlew installDist