Console output is not readble


(Klaus Christiansen) #1

Gradle Version: 3.1
Operating System and JVM version: 1.8.0_102 64bit
Is this a regression? If yes, which version of Gradle do you know it last worked for? 3.0

I useing Eclipse Neon’s terminal to execute my gradle scripts.
In Gradle 3.0 everything looked fine. Now it looks like:

C:\Users\kec\workspace_neon\XcodeCon3\EGL2JS>gradlew tasks
Starting a Gradle Daemon, 1 busy Daemon could not be reused, use --status for details
←[1m> Starting Daemon←[22m←[17D←[1m> Starting Daemon > Connecting to Daemon←[22m←[40D←[0K←[1m> Loading←[22m←[9D←[1m> Loading > settings←[22m←[20D←[1m> Loading←[22m←[0K←[9D←[1m> Configuring←[22m←[13D←[1
m> Configuring > 0/6 projects←[22m←[28D←[1m> Configuring > 0/6 projects > root project←[22m←[43D←[1m> Configuring > 0/6 projects←[22m←[0K←[28D←[1m> Configuring > 2/6 projects > :CAGenSQL2WDR←[22m←[44D←
[1m> Configuring > 3/6 projects > :Config←[22m←[0K←[38D←[1m> Configuring > 4/6 projects > :EGLSource←[22m←[41D←[1m> Configuring > 4/6 projects←[22m←[0K←[28D←[1m> Configuring > 6/6 projects←[22m←[28D←[1
m> Building 0% > :tasks←[22m←[0K←[22D:tasks←[0K

←[1m> Building 0% > :tasks←[22m←[22D------------------------------------------------------------
All tasks runnable from root project

Also gradle wrapper --gradle-version 3.1 yields:

C:\Users\kec\workspace_neon\XcodeCon3\EGL2JS>gradlew wrapper --gradle-version 3.1


Total time: 1.36 secs
'_CONSOLE' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

There is no problem in Windows console with either 3.0 or 3.1.

(Jendrik Johannes) #2

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for reporting! This is a regression indeed. I was able to reproduce the problem on Windows.

(Jendrik Johannes) #3

We found the cause of the problem.

For now, you can fix the problem locally by executing the following in the terminal after opening:

set term=