What is the state of finer console output control?

Most recent piece of info I could find about the topic is this post. What is the state of this? Can we expect something like that in foreseeable future?

Hi David,

Here’s a rough plan for an improved console. I expect we will try to accomplish Milestone 2 for the next release of Gradle after 3.5, and then decide on the priority of Milestones 3 and 4.

Is there something in particular you’re hoping to see?

Hello Eric,

Thank you for the link. I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements it covers.

I’m currently mostly interested in ways to extend progress bar with the progress of currently running task. I’d also like to see the possibility to colorize console output, just like gradle already does.

I prefer not depending on gradle internals at all, so while it is not essential, it would be nice to have such functionality covered by an api in some way.

It seems the link provided to the console plan is no longer available.

You can access the plan here.

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