Color output on Windows

I’m using Gradle 2.14 on both OS X and Windows.

On OS X, --console option works as documented. For example,

>gradle --console=plain tasks

switches output to plain.

On Windows, this option does not seem to be recognized at all:

>gradle --console=rich tasks

outputs help.

What’s up with that? Is a defect in order?

Can you post a screenshot? I am not able to reproduce this. Running gradle --console=rich tasks returns a properly colored task listing on Windows.

Sure. Attaching.

It looks like you are providing some other command line arguments for --console. I could reproduce your error message (Multiple arguments were provided for command-line option '--console'.) by running gradle --console=plain --console=rich.

Could you check your GRADLE_OPTS? My guess would be that you are already setting --console=plain there.