Gradle LanguageServer from VSCode in BuildShip

Would it be possible adding the Gradle Language Server from VSCode Gradle plugin project to BuildShip?

It’s released under classic MIT flavour, written in Java, implementing lsp4j.

If I understood how things work (correct me if I’m wrong), it should just need to write a StreamConnectionProvider implementation for it, and binding to GenericEditor or to GradleEditor to leverage suggestions, autocompletion and deep syntax highlighting.

You can see its capabilities at work into specific paragraph of plugin’s repo root.

You can see its capabilities at work into specific paragraph of plugin’s repo root.

I don’t find any documentation in the repository. Can you post a link here?

I didn’t find any (and didn’t look for it, sincerely).
In the line you quoted I was referring to the features presentation shown in the readme under multiple collapsed paragraphs.
As a generic structure, the first thing I found is this one

But I suppose you’re talking about some javadoc or alike.
What exactly would you need?

The confusion was on my side, now I understand what you want.

I happen to know the project from before. It is not yet in a state that I’d call stable. Syntax highlight and autocompletion is indeed a crucial feature, but IIUC the current implementation still uses basic heuristics that might confuse a lot of users and would do more harm than good in general.

I’ll reach out to the maintainers and see if they plan to improve the editor support. If so, it would make sense to integrate it in Eclipse as well.

I got not the skill to evaluate the project.
I just know that some other Eclipse popular plugin like WildWebDeveloper borrows language servers from VSCode, and the only thing I don’t like about those is they’re coded in TS thus being hungry in resource.
Considering this one is an official plugin too but wrote in Java, I was hoping it was both reliable both “lightweight”.
Thanks for your interest.
I’ll wait for any news.