Gradle Kotlin script problems

It’s two days now that I am trying to migrate to Gradle using Kotlin script, but I am having huge problems

You can read everything here

If I clone the repository: git clone and open gradle-script-kotlin\samples\hello-kotlin I get Error:Plugin with id 'kotlin' not found.

This seems Windows-related, on Osx and Ubuntu no problems

Furthermore, using the full Gradle distribution 3.3

Refresh returns this

But IDE shows also error on

plugins {

Expression plugin of type PluginContainer! cannot be invoked as a function. The function invoke() is not found.

If I comment that out, now I get

Error:Extension of type ‘ApplicationPluginConvention’ does not exist. Currently registered extension types: [DefaultExtraPropertiesExtension, KaptExtension_Decorated, DefaultArtifactPublicationSet_Decorated, ReportingExtension_Decorated]

If I comment this out:

configure<ApplicationPluginConvention> {
    mainClassName = "samples.HelloWorldKt"

It finally compiles…

What can you tell me, guys?