"Gradle Executions View" does not show build status at all

I use Gradle plugin in the Eclipse IDE, and I added the the view “Gradel Executions View” and “Gradle Task”. When I run a Gradle build task from the “Gradle Task” view, the build is actually started and completed fine( I can see the build completes in the “console”), but I see an error message(There are no Gradle build executions to visualize. Run a Gradle build to see its execution in the Gradle
Executions View.) in the “Gradle Executions View”. Annoying, I did a lot of search over the internet without an answer.

Can anyone help?

Can anyone share your thought of cause of this issue and resolution?

Interestingly, I resolved this issue by deleting the content of my workspace totally and then re-imported my code to Eclipse and my Gradle Execution View started to show the Gradle Build Executions task results. Look like it is hard to find out the cause but it works for me now.