Gradle build receipt fails to upload

I was trying to upload a build receipt to see if they would be useful for my project but I ran into this problem:

An error occurred creating your build receipt.
Please report this problem at, quoting the following reference code:

It ran the build successfully through the tests, one failed, and then seemed to fail on upload. We have a lot of tests (417212) and they produce a lot of log output, so it’s possible it chocked on the upload. One test failed and 5 skipped but the rest all passed.

Is this expected behavior with this many tests?

Hi Louis,

I can see that the system rejected the data because it was effectively too big. We constrain the input data size for anonymous upload as a stability measure. In the short term here’s how we are improving this:

  1. The next version of the plugin will reduce the data size significantly, allowing more builds to fit under the threshold
  2. We will soon be increasing the limit to beyond the size of data that your build produced

In the medium term, we will be rolling out the ability to identify yourself as part of upload. Identified uploads will be given a greater allowance.

In the meantime, do you have a smaller project that you could try with? Alternatively, you could request a trial license for Gradle Enterprise that you could install locally to try with your big builds.