Gradle 7.0 suddenly fails to import local projects (no exceptions)

hey so i dont know what to say about this, so please ask me for more information if needed…
this is the case:

  • yesterday, gradle + intellij were working fine, i was working on my local project tree all good
  • today, for no reason i can come up with, gradle seems to refuse my local projects, which it actually tells me it is loading just right before…

i’m using gradle 7.0
intellij 2021.3 (but i doubt this is intellij fault as 2021.3 was working just fine before)
this is my root project structure: GitHub - burdoto/java: Gradle Base Repository
all subprojects are loaded as clones into subfolders. as you can see in settings.gradle, it is trying to find subdirectories containing gradle projects to import

worst of all is that build output is first telling me that it is importing my project just fine, but then later on telling me without any exceptions that the project could not be resolved:

at this point, gradle is getting EXCESSIVELY frustrating because i literally changed NOTHING substantial about the gradle setup for like, 2 years now, and it just randomly refuses to work (i kinda wanna restrain from saying “fix your stuff”, but; fix your stuff. i’m getting very frustrated by gradle on a irregular basis which makes it even more frustrating)

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