IDEA 13 cannot resolve basic classes

The following classes cannot be resolved and are showing up Red in my gradle scripts:

Project, Task, Jar, War, Tar, FileTree, SourceSet

also from Groovy: ConfigSlurper & ConfigObject

I have tried many things and none of these have helped (adding to classpath, including as content roots, setting as dependencies on modules, etc…)

Which versions of IntelliJ and Gradle do you use, and how exactly do you import the build into IntelliJ? Works perfectly for me with IntelliJ 13.0.1 and Gradle 1.10. Note that there is a known issue with IntelliJ and Gradle > 1.10.

IDEA 13.0.2 CE and Gradle 1.10 I do not import anything into Intellij I load from my git repo and point to root directory and make that my project gradle stuff starts one level deeper

this is what i am asking, what do i need to do so that the gradle files are processed correctly i did enable the intellij gradle plugin do i need to do something to tell intellij that .gradle files are gradle ?

I just installed 13.0.2 yesterday this was not an issue when i was on 12

As far as I know, IntelliJ will only truly understand Gradle build scripts if you link the IntelliJ project to the Gradle build. Usually this is done by going to “File->Import Project” and selecting the top-level ‘build.gradle’ file. The folks on the IntelliJ forum will know better, though.

this seems to be working finally on 13.1.4