Gradle 5 Intellij

I am trying to upgrade our gradle to 5 in order to get jdk11.
The problem I face is not the migration itself, which went ok after a few hiccups.
But intellij doesn’t recognise the compileOnly, and annotationProcessor configuration.
The packages imported with those configurations, is not added to intellij classpath.

I think @n_s_skvortsov is currently working on that.

Yes, you can track details here:

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Cool. Thanks.
Just to clarify, I have to use Gradle 5 for jdk11, right?

4.10 mostly works, but 5.0 is recommended.

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Unable to change gradle version to 5.x from 4.10.3 in Inteillij IDEA 2019.1.3 Ultimate edition
Build # IU-191.7479.19
JDK version 12.0.1
getting error code 64