Gradle 4.8 RC2 is now available for testing

(Donát Csikós) #1

Gradle 4.8 RC2 is available for testing; see the release notes.

(Donát Csikós) #2

(Fred Curts) #3

After updating from 4.7, the following message is printed 25 times on every Gradle invocation:

As part of making the publishing plugins stable, we are removing the 'deferred configurable' behavior of the 'publishing {}' block.
We don't want to silently break your build, so we need your help for the migration.
Please add 'enableFeaturePreview('STABLE_PUBLISHING')' to your settings file and do a test run by publishing to a local repository.
If all artifacts are published as expected, there is nothing else to do.
If the published artifacts change unexpectedly, please see the migration guide for more details:
In Gradle 5.0 the flag will be removed and the new behavior will become the default.

(Marc Philipp) #4

Thanks for letting us know! This was already meant to be fixed but did not make it to the release branch. We will fix it for 4.8 RC3:

(Donát Csikós) #5