Gradle 1.4-rc-1 available for testing

We are excited to announce Gradle-1.4-rc-1, a new release candidate for Gradle-1.4. This release contains many bug fixes and new features: check out the release notes for more details.

Please try out this new, improved version of Gradle on your project - we are looking for your feedback about the new features as well as reports of any issues you encounter. All things going well, we’ll be releasing this as Gradle 1.4 next week!

does the incubating maven publisher support creating multiple artefacts (POMs) from a single project?

No it doesn’t. You should be able to do that in the next release.

To be honest, the new maven-publish plugin available in 1.4-rc-1 isn’t all that powerful. However, it’s being actively developed, and the latest nightly has a bunch of improvements.

Before we can allow multiple publications we need to provide a way to specify the publication coordinates. That’s on the list of things we’re working on, and may make it into 1.5.

New TestNG reports are awesome!! Thanks for great work.

Is there a property to disable generating XML files and only generate HTML reports? Also is there a way to generate test reports only if tests have failed?