Gradle 1.3 release outlook

We are already looking forward to the Gradle 1.3 release. Here are our features we currently consider to have the highest priority:

  • Improving the Scala compile time (via incremental compile and by using a compiler daemon). - Exposing the ivy.xml before publishing, which is a step towards a functionality similar to Ivy deliver, which will be then also available for pom based dependency management. (design-doc) - Continue the work on parallel builds. (design doc) - Enhancing the Migration plugin. (design doc) - Even better Dependency Reporting. (design doc) - A basic pom2gradle converter: This has already made it into the core, but is not complete enough for announcing it. (design doc)

There is more we might tackle if times allow or we may not find the time to do all of the above. As always, we will also be working on bug fixes and on resolving smaller issues. And we have a constant stream of pull requests where some usually make it into the Gradle core.

Please note: the link to the design.doc for the Migration plugin is incorrect.

If fixed the link. Thank you.