Gogradle released to provide full support for Golang

(Bo Zhang) #1

I’m delighted to announce Gogradle, a Gradle plugin providing full-featured build support for Golang, is now available.

Gogradle supports:

  • Perfect cross-platform, all tests passed on OS X/Linux/Windows
  • Go binary version management, no need to preinstall Golang
  • Project-scoped dependency management, no need to set GOPATH
  • Complete dependency management, including transitive dependency/dependency lock/vendor/conflict resolution and so on
  • Various external package management tool, e.g. lide/glock/godep/gom/gopm/govendor/gvt/gbvendor/trash
  • Git with pure Java implementation, and more VCS implementation is under development
  • Native DSL syntax as Gradle
  • build/test/single-test/wildcard-test/cross-compile

To learn more details, please see here

Any issue and PR are always welcomed.

(Eric Wendelin) #2

This looks awesome, Bo! I can’t wait to give it a shot.