Gogradle released to provide full support for Golang

I’m delighted to announce Gogradle, a Gradle plugin providing full-featured build support for Golang, is now available.

Gogradle supports:

  • Perfect cross-platform, all tests passed on OS X/Linux/Windows
  • Go binary version management, no need to preinstall Golang
  • Project-scoped dependency management, no need to set GOPATH
  • Complete dependency management, including transitive dependency/dependency lock/vendor/conflict resolution and so on
  • Various external package management tool, e.g. lide/glock/godep/gom/gopm/govendor/gvt/gbvendor/trash
  • Git with pure Java implementation, and more VCS implementation is under development
  • Native DSL syntax as Gradle
  • build/test/single-test/wildcard-test/cross-compile

To learn more details, please see here

Any issue and PR are always welcomed.


This looks awesome, Bo! I can’t wait to give it a shot.

I’m using the GoGradle plugin to build our GO application. I’d like the plugin to have the support for the new GO modules dependency management system. Are there plans for the next version release? The last one 0.11.4 was released on May 20, 2019.

Dagmara Beger