Building Golang software

Chapter Building native software from the user guide lists the usual suspects of supported languages, however one native language recently gaining quite some popularity seems to be missing … Golang

I understand that there are several third-party Gradle plugins out there attempting to add support for Golang sources, but shouldn’t Golang support be part of the Gradle product itself? Is this on the Gradle roadmap? Any plans to add Golang as a supported native language?

We want great support of Golang and many other technologies, but the way forward is not a part of Gradle core. Instead, we want to develop really, really great core functionality in the core and have very high-quality plugins for the most important technologies.

This does not mean it’s solely up to the community to provide this support. We will guide and contribute to these plugins, but will not (yet) be including them in a Gradle distribution. This is how PyGradle is managed, for example.

Specifically for Golang, I see the most potential in Gogradle and we will be giving Bo first-class support and ensuring that his plugin continues to work and grow. In fact, he’ll be speaking at the Gradle Summit about this topic.