GitHub Deppendency does not work (java)

Hello, i have set up a test project to check out how and if this works, i have done this as explained here:

My test repo is here:

I have created an 1.0 release, and using this setup:


sourceControl {
    gitRepository("") {


dependencies {
    implementation 'io.wollinger:TestProject:1.0'

So, this returns this:

   > Git repository at did not contain a project publishing the specified dependency.
     Required by:
         project :

I have tried it without the 1.0 version, but i cant get it to work.
Any help would be apprechiated, thanks!

The project located at specifies

group 'org.example'

while the code above depends on a project with the group io.wollinger.

The error message is just telling you generically that it can’t find io.wollinger:TestProject because you provided a repository with org.example:TestProject.

Oh damn. I didnt set it up that far, Sorry! Thank you!