Generating a file after a distribution has been assembled

I’m using the distribution plugin to assemble my lib/ bin/ etc folders from my multi project setup. All good so far.

I need to run a Java class which accepts a File argument which is a folder containing libs which then generates checksums for each file and stores these checksums in a file inside the libs folder.

Running the Java class isn’t the problem (use JavaExec); providing the folder of libs is.

It looks like the only time I have a folder of libs is after the distribution has been assembled; before this the libs are scattered through other projects.

Is it possible to hook into the distribution plugin post-installDist or am I going about this the wrong way? (Probably!)

What I’ve done is:

installDist {
	doLast {

This calls the JavaExec task after the installDist has assembled the libs.

Hope that’s ok…