What is expected/common practice for installing a distribution generated by the application plugin?

I’m using the application plugin to build a distribution so that users of my application can grab the distribution (zip or tar) and install my application. However, I’m looking for guidance on how users are expected to “install” my application in a convenient manner.

That is, users can download the distribution and unpack it somewhere, but where is a user recommended to unpack it. Further, once they unpack it, how are they expected to add it to their path so they can run it from any location? I realize the general answers might be, “it depends,” but I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing from what the application plugin assumes/expects in terms of what to do with the generated distributions in order to make it easy for users to install and use the packaged app.

From my current perspective, it just seems that it’s a bit cumbersome for users to install and use such a packaged application. Am I missing something? For example, is there a next step for “publishing” the distributions (beyond simply “publishing” to an Artifactory repo, for example) such that they are convenient to install, such as creating an RPM and publishing to an RPM repo, or packaging things up for homebrew?