Extend the application plugin to build a tar distribution

(Adam Murdoch) #1

The application plugin currently assembles a Zip distribution containing the application files. It would be nice if it could also assemble a Tar distribution.

Extra credit

Some ideas to build on this:

(seandanielgillespie) #2

Pull Requested:


I would love to receive any feedback on the changes, as this this is my first contribution attempt.

I think I can do the extra credit–I presume that is the currently named java-library-distribution? Should I add a tar task, or should I extract a common ‘dist’ plugin as suggested in the linked “java library” discussion?

(Adam Murdoch) #3

Thanks for the pull request. I’ve added a comment, as there were a couple of extra things I’d like to add before we merge the pull request, if you’re ok with making these changes.

There’s been some recent discussion around the broader topic of building distributions on the dev mailing list, so it might be worth raising the question of where to go next, over in the dev list.

Thanks again.

(Adam Murdoch) #4

If you’re interested, here is the specification that came out of the discussions on the mailing list: https://github.com/gradle/gradle/blob/master/design-docs/building-and-packaging-applications-and-libraries.md

(seandanielgillespie) #5

OK, I added another commit. I believe that addresses the points you made