Executing Gradle 3.2 with ConEmu displays lots of pop-up windows

Since Gradle 3.2, lots of java.exe windows pop-up and disappear when I build my project with the ConEmu terminal. It doesn’t do this when using the default command prompt terminal.
Anyone else having this problem?

In Gradle 3.2 we upgraded the Jansi library to 1.14 which might be the reason you are seeing the issue. Does the same issue occur with 3.1?

It doesn’t happen when I use 3.1

I see this problem when using gradle 4.4 in cmder. Interestingly the first few times I build with gradle it doesn’t happen but after a while subprocess like cmd, java etc pop up a window.

Anyone figured out how to solve this? I assume it is a ConEmu/cmder issue. Some setting that affect this?