Error when doing gradle build, cannot find javafx file in maven central repository

Hello, i am a fresh computer science student and quite new to gradle. For a project we have to do build some extensions for ZAP. We start from the publically available source code in zap-extensions, where we add the new extensions. However an error comes up everytime I open the project and the (pregiven) gradle build script is run:

The problem seems to be
the link where it searched for the dependency
As it does not exist.

The problem to mee thus seems to be something with the fact that my used macbook has the M1 chip. However, when you go one page back on the given link, there does not seem to be any architecture dependent links. So is there just something wrong in the build script that it searches for an architecture dependant file and should i just change that? But if so, where?
Has someone else encountered a similar issue with an M1 macbook and dependencies from the maven central repository? Any help would be appreciated as the deadline for the project is approaching without mercy.

Hello @makie01

not sure how you add the dependency but check this one

look for the gradle code you need

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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My guess would be that you use some JavaFX Gradle plugin that is too new and cannot handle the old versions cleanly anymore or something like that.
Sind JavaFX 17 there are architecture-specific JARs.
So I guess the JavaFX Gradle plugin (I don’t use it, so not fully sure) now uses the artifacts with architecture which are not yet available with JavaFX 11.

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