What is the problem with OSX, Java10 and Gradle

After installing java10 I get
“Couldn’t find Ant-JavaFX-library, please make sure you’ve installed some JDK which includes JavaFX (e.g. OracleJDK or OpenJDK and OpenJFX), and JAVA_HOME is set properly.”

When trying to use gradle.

How do I solve?

It sounds like this is coming from some third-party plugin you are using, not from Gradle itself.

Don’t think so. No plugins.

Simple Google search proves it’s coming from the JavaFX Gradle plugin: https://github.com/FibreFoX/javafx-gradle-plugin/blob/178c9f6dc6a170a80f4b00bdc229a0043c42d098/src/main/java/de/dynamicfiles/projects/gradle/plugins/javafx/JavaFXGradlePlugin.java#L112

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