Error when compiling for applevel 33

My app has been published for years, but now Google demands any updates to support Android 13. I have downloaded the latest Solar2D (2023.3695), but when compiling I get the following message,

17:40:13.457  FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
17:40:13.457  * What went wrong:
17:40:13.457  Could not determine the dependencies of task ':App:lintVitalReportRelease'.
17:40:13.457  > Failed to find target with hash string 'android-33' in: C:\Windows\Temp\Corona Labs\sdk

Can anybody help me out on this? When I try to open C:\Windows\Temp it just won’t open, so I’m not able to check what is in Corona Labs\sdk.

Doesn’t sound Gradle related in any way to me.
Maybe you should ask in a Solar2d forum or their support or documentation.

This line in the compiler error report lead me to this forum,

17:40:13.457 * Get more help at

Never heard of Gradle before, so I gave it a shot. I have tried to get help in the Solar2D forum, but nobody seem to have a solution for this.

I know that this line brought you here.
This line is unfortunately always printed for any failing Gradle build, no matter whether the failure is Gradle related or not, also because Gradle cannot know why the run failed.

That’s why I told you that you are wrong here, as you do not seem to have a Gradle releated problem.
Especially if you use Gradle since years and even didn’t know it, it is a strong sign that you are wrong in a Gradle community forum.

Your error message says that something in *Corona Labs* which is the owner of Solar2D does not like android-33. Two things, that have absolutely nothing to do with Gradle, other than maybe that they use Gradle under the hood. Maybe it is because that version you use does not support android-33, or you need to specify it differently, or something else. But it is not a topic for this forum which is about Gradle.

As you didn’t even know you use Gradle, I guess you don’t know how to give it additional parameters, but if you find out, try using --stacktrace, or even better --scan if you can, to get the full stack trace of the error and see exactly where it is coming from.