Newbie Stuck with a Gradle Error

Hello Gradle forums.

I am hoping someone here can shed a little light on an error I am getting with Gradle. I bought a MacBook Pro 16 and installed Unreal Engine on it to develop a title for the Android based Oculus Quest. When I go to Launch or Build my title I get this error message:

LogPlayLevel: Error: ERROR: /bin/sh failed with args -c '"/Users/ML/Documents/Unreal Projects/Quest Test 1 1/QuestTest1/Intermediate/Android/APK/gradle/gradlew" :app:assembleDebug’

So I navigated to /Users/ML/Documents/Unreal Projects/Quest Test 1 1/QuestTest1/Intermediate/Android/APK/gradle/ and ran gradlew and got this error message:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

*** What went wrong:**

Could not determine java version from ‘14’.

Am I missing a Java Runtime Environment or similar? I am not a Java person so this error has me scratching my head.

Thank you for your time reading this.

I made sure my path contains the location of Java 14 and I still get the 2 above errors. I get the sense this error is not the root cause bu rather a symptom error.

This isn’t really a Gradle question. You’re working with a whole platform developed by someone else that happens to use Gradle, and you aren’t making any Gradle related changes at this point.

That said, Java 14 was released last week and is supported only in the most recent Gradle builds. The Android ecosystem is at least months behind on Gradle versions and years behind on Java versions. Java 8 should be closer to what you need.