Eclipse Pluging: Adding Resource Filters

Is there a way to have eclipse ignore the build directory?

In eclipse I can manually add them by going to Project Properties -> Resource -> Resource Filter and then adding a filter to exclude the build directory. I haven’t found how to this via the documentation, the forum, or google.


To my knowledge, Gradle’s Eclipse plugin can’t set resource filters. The future of Eclipse tooling is the Eclipse Gradle plugin (part of SpringSource Tool Suite), which might already set such a filter. If not, it would make a good feature request.

You will have to manually manipulate the eclipse project file generated in your build:

eclipse {
 project {
  file {
   withXml { xmlProvider ->
    Node project = xmlProvider.asNode()
          Node filter = project.appendNode('filteredResources').appendNode('filter')
      filter.appendNode('id', 2889034)
     filter.appendNode('name', 'build filter')
    filter.appendNode('type', 10)
      Node matcher = filter.appendNode('matcher')
    matcher.appendNode('id', 'org.eclipse.ui.ide.multiFilter')
    matcher.appendNode('arguments', '1.0-name-matches-false-false-build')

Thanks Rolf, this definitely gets me heading the correct direction. Your solution works perfectly from the command line. I’m seeing some issues when importing a project with subprojects via the sts gradle plugin that I believe is related to the cleanEclipse call, but I’m not sure yet. i’ll keep digging and report back when I get this resolved.