Eclipse plugin: Adding Gradle nature to gradle project hides contents of "subprojects" directory

First of all, is this the best place to ask questions about the Eclipse Gradle plugin?

I have the Gradle project open in Eclipse, which I’ve been tinkering with for a while (just the docs). I realized that I had never told Eclipse this was a Gradle project, so I thought I would venture there. It had already marked it as a Groovy project. I did that, but it created some odd symptoms. It first gave me a compile error on every single source file, saying the package was wrong (should be “”). Someone on the Groovy plugin list suggested I do a Gradle refresh. I did that. It fixed the compile errors, sort of, as it concluded at that point that the entire “subprojects” directory was empty. Every view of that folder in Eclipse now says that it’s empty, even though there seems to be no change to it when I view it from the shell. I just tried to do a Gradle build of the userguide from the shell, and it’s working fine.

I’m considering removing one or more of the Groovy or Gradle natures, but I’m kind of nervous about that.

Yes, it is a good place. You can try some forums related to STS too.

Here’s what I filed: .

I was able to fix it temporarily by removing the resource filters, but I’m going to have to delete the workspace project and reimport it, deselecting the “Create Resource Filters” option.